Mahakavi Tulsi Das Mahavidyalaya has developed a practical approach that prepares students to face real life issues and succeed in their future endeavors. It creates an ideal environment through which students become competitive and educated for knowledge creation, lifelong learning and leadership.
           The emphasis is not only on achieving a high academic standard but also encouraging the development of an all-round, well-integrated personality by promoting national consciousness and the importance of social service among students. Sports and physical education have an important place in the curriculum and are compulsory for all students. There is a constant effort on part of the teachers to prepare students who can work towards realizing the goal of perfection.
           We believe that student need holistic development, enabling them to evolve into individuals that respect traditional values, while incorporating contemporary thought; who empathise with others, while taking care of themselves in a highly competitive world; who are endowed with environmental awareness, grounded in academic excellence, exhibiting universal human values and an appreciation for everything sacred about the Earth. We foster team spirit, freshness and clarity in thought and freedom of expression.
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